About ProAct

Oxfam in partnership with CRUDAN and DEC is implementing the PROACT (Pro Resilience Action) project in Adamawa and Kebbi States. This is an 11 million EUROS intervention co-funded for the next four years by Oxfam and the European Union to build the food security, nutrition and resilience of 35,000 vulnerable households in disaster and conflict affected communities in Adamawa and Kebbi States.

More than 300, 000 individuals of whom 50% are women will be reached in these two states. The project will enhance resilience to food shocks, chronic and acute food insecure people in post- food crisis.

PROACT will improve adaptation to climate change, combat desertification, promote nutrition sensitive agriculture and policies and encourage sustainable and resilient small-scale agricultural practices.

Specific Objectives

Rapid improvement

Rapid improvement in livelihoods and preparedness toward risks for vulnerable populations and communities including women and youth

Strengthened resilience

Strengthened resilience, food security and natural resource utilisation of small holder farming communities

Social protection

Improved response capacity of government towards social protection, early warning systems and strengthened local frameworks towards resilience building

Food security

Improved strategic linkages for food security and support to local market systems

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