Rice farmer maintain growth with link to reliable organization

Mallam Saadu Romo  who is a large scale rice farmer that normally harvest at least 90-100 bags of paddy was faced with a challenged  of  a good and  reliable organization that he will be linked to, where he will take his harvested paddy for sale at a good price as such  this situation have been affecting him because of the lost he normally encountered,  by  purchasing his harvested  paddy at low price in the market  sector as such this situation became discouraging to Mallam Saadu Romo  because there is no any profit achieved which was one of his priority at the end of the farming season as  such he  termed it as a setback that lead him reduced the number of hectares only to feed himself and  his family not longer for business purpose.

Until the intervention of this project that linked him to OLAM off  taken scheme, he explained that this scheme brought a lot of changes in terms of knowledge on rice modern farming system most especially in the aspect of proper drying of paddy after harvest  to prevent  infection before packaging so that loss will not be encounter he further explained  on the knowledge impacted in him on the significant of purchasing his harvested paddy base on weight of the paddy that determined the price per bag at a good price per kilo that is to say the higher the weight of the paddy the higher the price per bag  and that can only be achieved  through proper dryness actually he said that he was ignorant of such knowledge before and due to this  knowledge he picked an interest in increasing the number of hectares  because he is assure of OLAM will purchase his harvested paddy at a good price per kilo and no matter quantity of the paddy and that he will not encounter loss of profit which is one of his priority for rice farming as a good business, Mallam Saadu Romo  gave a try by taken 50 bags of his harvested  paddy to OLAM and it was not failure{lost} but rather profitable {profit}

Maintaining constant relationship by ensuring that he will always take his harvested paddy to OLAM for sale is the basic step he has taken to maintain sustainability.

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