Better diet, healthy living: Thanks to PROACT


I am Madina Sani a widow living in Ungwar Madi with my children, life has being what it has being before the project of PROACT came to our community. What to eat is a problem; how to visit a primary care unit is a problem I was not familiar with it. Before I got the knowledge about nutrition during one of the training  When ever my child is sick all I do is to pour water on him and allow him to rest why because as villagers all we thing is that the body temperature will  reduce by doing so. And sometime I may think is jean that is disturbing them so we pray over it.

When it come to meal is another problem that the project has help me an individual, all we eat before are most carbohydrate that is not even well prepared in which we eat in the morning, afternoon and night both my children and I, this made the children not have a proper balance diet, we use late millet to prepared kunu, tuwo thinking it build the body. The other body foods are found in the community but because I have no knowledge about what it add to the health of my family I don’t bother about them.


Thanks to PROACT for the life changing, things began changing  when I join the group of VSLA though I join it to be about to save the little money am having but to my greatest surprised it was beyond saving I learnt allot from the group and the I have attended training were we thought about nutrition and personal hygiene. Now I visit hospital for medical checkup for my children and I. furthermore I can now prepare my meal with different ingredient and balance the diet of my family, I eat now like the people in the city because those essential food are found around us. I consume fruits, vegetable and proteins all this are what I learnt from the training.


The way forward for sustainability is for the project to collaborate with local government and community health worker to always encourage women on the importance of personal hygiene and nutritional aspect.

I will also ensure I educate the women on the need for balance diet and hygiene procedures in taking care of ourselves, and our environment.

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