Audu Buzu a 58 years old man with 0ne (1) wife and one (1) daughter is a nomadic Fulani man who finally settled in Jandutsi community. He has since been considered an indigene of Jandutsi community. It was animal rearing that brought me to Jandutsi. I was actually farming until I develop a vision (eye) problem. This vision problem coupled with age factor impedes my farming activity. Unfortunately for me but thanks to Allah I don’t have a son, I only have a daughter and a wife. This left me handicapped, me and my family then continued to survive at the mercies of the arms giving of the community people.

“The PROACT project has been carrying out their activity in my community, I was not even aware of the project until I was privilege to be enlisted among the livestock beneficiary. At first I thought it was a prank until I was handed over a female goat as an asset with the requirement to rear and when it gives birth I will give the offspring to a next line beneficiary. For me that was not and cannot be a problem. Why? Because animal rearing is my specialization and giving to another is my own way of saying thank you to the project.

I happily went back home with the goat, reared it. Now the goat at it first birth gave birth to two, I fulfilled my obligation of POTG with one of the kid. The goat gave birth again to two, one of the child have stomach complications and died now am left with three. I was in food hardship so I took one from the three, sold it, and bought food for my family. Now am left with two of the goats as my assets. “I am no longer scared to feed because, even the goats remaining are pregnant and I intend to apply all my knowledge of rearing to ensure that I get wealth from livestock asset.

I am ready to make an animal farm and create wealth for myself and family through a proper care for the livestock. I am not in a VSLA group now but I am anticipating joining a VSLA group as soon as I make a daily or weekly income and I think that time is not far from now”.

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