Easy ways of raising capital

In Lokoro community of Guyuk LGA, Adamawa state, a group of people who were trained by PROACT project had been able to sustain the method of savings that allow them to start save, borrow and start new businesses.


The group had lived for three year with all the members remaining in tact as each person had increased in per capital income as a result of belonging to the group. At their third year of sharing their proceeds, they had realized a total of N846,420. They used the money as capital to buy their farm input and pay most of the farm expenditure.


With the available resources, some of them had been able to increase the size of land they cultivate. “even banks cannot give small farmers money but PROACT project showed us the easiest ways of making money, we no de play with it, it is our own and nobody can take it from us”- one of the group members boasted.

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