Got new house build a new house, Camel, Cattle and Sheep from my new Business

Ibrahim Musa (Age 59(M)) married with 3 wives and 16 children; he is a farmer in Dantawaye community of Jega LGA who benefitted from PROACT VSLA intervention. Before PROACT  Ibrahim was cultivating his farm as it usually be which make his to harvest a total of one hundred and twenty (120)bunch of millet in all four (4) of his farms, this was never enough for him to feed his family all through the year. 7

“…at some point I have to sell my cash crops to be able to meet up with the feeding of my household which was supposed to be a source of income for me to meet up other needs but it was not so, rather it was use for feeding which makes other needs to suffer. Ibrahim said.

“Joining Manoman Dantawaye VSLA group established by PROACT project in my community after several years of managing has transformed my life and that of my family which gives me so much joy”Ibrahim added.

Through the VSLA he has been able to access farm inputs including fertilizer and also been able to join the Farmers Training Field School (FTFS) as a lead farmer which has help improve his farm yield from 120bunch of millet to over a 300 bunch which is equivalent to over 60bags (of 100kg) each for food crop and more than 50bags groundnut (of 70Kg) for cash crops which has transformed him. He was able to start a water melon farm which wasn’t cultivating before which has used to acquire some asset like a new house build a new house, Camel, Cattle and Sheep. The camel has brought him 12bags of 70kg grains during harvest. The camel is been hired to carry harvested crops from the farm and will be paid in kind for it service which has also increase his food this year.

He can now comfortably take care of his family and even give food support to others who are in need. He has goods worth over N2,000,000 in store including bags of groundnuts, he no longer use his asset or cash crops for the purpose of feeding his family any more as he has enough grain in the store to carry him and his family all through the year. Thanks to PROACT project” Ibrahim added.

Ibrahim has since encouraged his 3 wives to join VSLA for and is planning to have a well in one of his farm for irrigation farming sustainability

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