I want to be a housewife with impact

Mallama Hajo Adamu is married with 7 children.  Before now life is not easy for me because my husband is only a subsistence farmer i.e. his farming was at the quantity we can consume. I was a regular house wife with no impact in the family.  When I heard about the PROACT project in my community, I was persuaded to join, after much deliberations, I finally decided to join the VSLA and I started saving with little fund I manage to squeeze out from money given to me by my husband for family feeding.

Apart from my participation in the VSLA I was fortunate to be among the Unconditional cash transfer (UCT) of the project which I was given the sum of three thousand five hundred naira (N 3,500) for four tranches. The money of the UCT first tranche I add up to my personal saving and bought a goat. I reared the goat again at the second disbursement of the UCT second and third tranche. I sold the goat I bought and ad up the proceeds with the total of UCT second and third tranches and bought a ram. As at the point of the share-out of my group the ram had already grown to maturity, so I took part of my proceeds from share out and proceed from the sales of the ram to purchase a cow. I later sold the cow and use part of the proceeds to start up the soya beans cake (awara) business. From there I also start buying and selling of kitchen items.

I intended to continue in this business even after the project so I can be of support to my husband and grow up from an ordinary house wife to a house wife with impacts.

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