I want to equip myself with asset and investment

My name is Fatima Danbuga am married with three (3) children, am a full time house wife, with no business or any hand work that will generate me income to support myself and my family, this result in making things difficult for me because I have to wait for my husband for everything that I need or the family needs


One day a woman encourage me to joint VSLA group, when I join the group I started saving from the little money I got from my husband, during the share out I collect my money which sum to #20,000 which I use to start up a business I bought 2 bags of soya bean which I use to do soya bean cake known as “awara”. The business is increasing gradually in the sense that I can now purchase up to 5bags and I can now fully support my husband and to purchase some of the house hold needs and support in the payment of the fees of their children which she can’t before.



I am putting an unrelenting effort in this my new business to see that it perpetually increase, as for the VSLA group I hope to increase my numbers of share purchase as the business increase. I also have a plan to venture into animal farming but am taking a step at a time, by the time I have realized a reasonable profit, then I will purchase a livestock and rear until there is increase. Intend to equipped myself as a house wife with asset and investment.

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