Improved food security via increase in business profit

Saidu Ango Yafi (Age 39(F)) he is a blind and lame man, a trader married with a wife and seven (7) children in Badariya (Dantawaye) community of Jega LGA who benefitted from PROACT VSLA intervention. Before PROACT Intervention Ango he was never blind he was a petty trader who has goods worth over a N100, 000. He became blind before the coming of PROACT and finds it difficult to fend for his family and couldn’t send any of his children to school due to his condition and cannot even cultivate his farm. “…sometimes I have to go around the community begging for food or money to meet up with the needs of the family” Ango said. His only asset was the land he inherited from his father which for lack of capital could not put into proper use.

“Joining Nasara Badariya1 VSLA group established by PROACT project in my community after several years of suffering has transformed my life and that of my family tremendously” Ango said.

Through the VSLA he has been able to access farm inputs including fertilizer and loan which has help improve his farm yield from 2bags(of 100kg) to 15 bags (of 100Kg) and also from zero savings to having N15000 to N20,000 as savings in the VSLA which transformed him into a petty trader even as a blind man.

He can now take care of his family while growing business. He has goods worth N20, 000 in his shop and cash worth N17, 000 in his savings.

“I no longer beg or struggle to pay my child’s school fees or to eat anymore. Thanks to PROACT project” Ango added.

Ango has since encouraged others to join VSLA to build their capacity.

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