Improvement of Beneficiary Asset and source of livelihood

Abdullahi Ibrahim Injim (Age 54(M)) he is married with 2 wives and 9 children, he is a farmer and a trader in Alelu community of Jega LGA who benefitted from PROACT Food Loan and Milling Machine intervention. Before PROACT Intervention Abdullahi was doing well in a very viable business but the business later went down to a level of crumbling and was only managing to fend for his family due to the collapse of his once viable business Abdullahi said. The only business he had was a hand work (carpenter) which was what he was using as his major source of income to fend for his family.

“Joining Rahama Guyawa VSLA group established by PROACT project in my community after about 7 year of Struggling to bounce back has transformed my life and that of my family tremendously”

Abdullah said. Through the Food Loan he was a co-vendor thou not financially but gave technical support to the main vendor who happens to be from his community (Alelu) as the project allows community members to be vendors. After the Food Loan he was rewarded with good sum of money by the vendor which he use part of the money to purchase a motor bike and also use part to start his business said Abdullahi. Also through the VSLA he has been able to access Milling Machine which has boosted his business. He paid his milling machine loan within the space of 9month and purchase another leister for threshing of rice and other thresh-able grains from the proceed of the milling machine within the space of 12month, so far it is the proceed from the milling and threshing machine he has been using to meet up other domestic needs and even in cultivating his farm Abdullahi said

He can now comfortably take care of his children while growing business. He has goods and asset worth over N1, 000,000 in store and over N100, 000 as cash from the milling and threshing machine.

“I no longer struggle to feed my family and I can comfortably send my children to school to acquire western education. I now support those who are in need in my community in the little ways I can thanks to PROACT project” Abdullahi added.

Abdullahi is planning to add another milling machine in another community to further increase his income.

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