Musa Kalla hails from Jadadi Community Jega LGA, he is married to one (1) wife and nine (9) children. He is a member of Adalci VSLA group. “I was selected by my VSLA group to participate in the Farmers field training school component of the PROACT project. Before we were trained by Extension officer, all we knew as regards to farm practice were all that we leant from our parents, and grandparents. The distance in our planting was too much. I have been applying this planting technique in my one hectare of farmland where I farm rice. The highest yield I have ever recorded in the land is 30bags of paddy rice.

When the extension officer taught us of the modern good agricultural practice, first the demo plot that we rented produce 6 bags of paddy rice for a plot as against the 3 bags ever recorded as the highest yield by the original land owner. I translated this new knowledge to my one hectare farm and the result appeared like a miracle or a magic. This one hectare where my highest yield was 30bags of paddy rice gave over 50bags of paddy rice at the first year of applies the new knowledge. As I speak now I have rice in the farm and I am expected over 75bags of paddy rice for this year.musa2

When I used to harvest 30bags I usually sell 25bags and keep 5 for consumption, the proceeds of the 25bags sold usually last us to provide food stuffs and other needed item in my household for about 3-4 month. But now that the farm yield has increased and the number of bags to be sold increased, it therefore translates into more income that will translate into more food at home both in dry season and raining season. I can boldly say that my family is relatively secured in food. All this achieved is acclaimed to the ALLMIGHTY PROACT PROJECT.

I instructed my children to ensure both in absence and my presence to practice this new farming strategy. I have carefully applied this is in my farm to a point that I have new become a Good farming practice consultant in my community. I coach and show people measure to take for a bumper harvest. They oblige my training because they have seen proof. I wish a call for more of educative sessions at community level of modern and good agricultural practices for bumper harvest.

“As for me I have gotten the secret of Bumper harvest. All thanks to PROACT project”.

PROACT!!!!! ta chaza rayuwa na!!!!! he exclaim in conclusion.

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