My fortune begin with joining VSLA Group

My name is Habiba Sule. I am married with three (3) children; I was in a processing business of making ground cake (kulikuli) when I heard of the VSLA group of the PROACT project. From my groundnut cake business, the profit I make is obviously little as sometimes I will have to hold on the business. The business cannot even chatter for its need not to talk more of me and my family. I was just doing it as a remedy for boredom. When I was briefed of the VSLA group idea by a friend I told my husband, thanks to Allah he obliges me to participate. That was the beginning of my Fortune. I may not have made a distinctive progress in my business but for now I can boast that I am a house wife with an investment and an asset. I benefitted from the Livestock support of the PROACT project. I was told that I will give the first kid of the goat to a next line beneficiary. Lucky for me the goat at first instance of birth gave birth to two kids. I fulfill by agreement with the project and contributed my quota to the success of the project. Now the goats have given birth to pairs at two occasions.

I intend an hope to rear this goats to maturity and then sell one of it and use the proceeds to further strengthen this my business and even diversify in the my income activity.

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