The PROACT Community radio in both Adamawa and Kebbi states, usually aired every Wednesdays on Gotel AM and FM radio and on Tuesdays on Vision FM respectively, aims to increase famers access to Farm education, people’s opinion and participation in local governance including the provision of a platform for the promotion of Farmers achievements across the state.

In the month of June, huge emphasis was placed on the

  • Importance of Agricultural Extension Officers to Farmers, especially the Small Holding Farming Communities who may not have any formal education or contact with a formal organization to get credible skills need to ensure bountiful harvest (better yields) from their farms.

An extension Service Officer is someone (personnel) who has been trained, equipped with relevant knowledge about the farming and other agricultural activities that are Research-Based with the sole aim of supporting farmers in their agricultural endeavors. These Knowledges gained are acquired from various Colleges and Schools conferred with the responsibility of researching and distribution of research to extension Service Officers and/or Institutions to upgrade the knowledge base of grassroot farmers.


With the existence of Lead farmers trained on the PROACT project (Oxfam, 2020) acting as support system, the extension Agents are given a boost as more agricultural knowledge and good practices can reach more farmer, here reducing the ratio of extension service officer to farmers; 1:25 (from PROACT, 2020). The Farmers Field Training School has provided an avenue for rural farmers to come learn from both the Lead farmers and the Extension Service Officers acting as guides and resource persons.

The PROACT project has continued to strengthen the Extension Service deliveries in both States of intervention as part of her response capacity to improving food security, nutrition, and resilience of Vulnerable groups in Northern Nigeria.

  • On the Impact of Climate change, especially the effect of drought to farmers. With the northern states in Nigeria experiencing a rapid rate of desertification, the farmers are faced with Lack of water needed for the growth and development of their grown crops. Mal. Nasiru Abdullahi (Director, Extension Services, KARDA), has confirmed the availability of climate mitigation information, skills, and tools for farmers to prepare and fight against drought and other climate challenges. Farmers are encouraged to plant improved varieties especially crops with medium maturity periods to help escape flooding and early cessation of rains. Mr. Bagarmi Zuwathauwama (Director, Extension Services, AADP) informed the community partners of the following ways to mitigate desertification, as.
  • The Planting of multipurpose trees that have economic importance and serves as wind breaks
  • Planting of woodlots with grasses
  • Raising of both crops and animals on the same farmland
  • The introduction of alley farming and use of modern farming technique
  • Reducing water wastage (recycling water), water harvesting and conversation
  • Following NiMET advisories.


 The 2020 rainfall pattern for was explained to farmers listening from there communities and several questions on how to purchase quality seeds for the planting season, some asking when the PROACT distribution of Fertilizers will commence for her VSLA groups and finally on other ways to overcome the climate challenges.

  • On the increasing Incidences of rape in Nigeria, its implication on the fight for women rights,The Increasing rape cases in the country raised has continuously raised concerns over the various unenacted bills passed by the Nations House of Assembly at the various state levels. A community representative, Abubakar Sani Lolo attributed the increasing rape cases to child labour, lack of parental care, poverty, and nudity. A counter case was made by the Director, Women Affairs, Maimuna Abubakar, that the mode of dressing is not the cause of rape especially in children but from pedophiles and from the lack of consent from adults. A review of the constitution on rape cases is needed to address culprits getting away from the arm of law as Constitution allows payment of fines or even with a life sentence for the perpetrators and thus gives room for these culprits can get away with the option of fine. On preventing rape cases, religious scholars are encouraged to play critical roles of addressing their community to abstain from rape and to encourage parents to teach their children how to be vigilant at all times and be careful with strangers, while the government at all levels, should implement critical bills that address these issues to prevent the occurrence of rape in the society.


Radio Guests present at the

  • Kebbi State includes Malam Nasiru Abdullahi (Director, Extension Services, KARDA), Maimuna Ibrahim (Director, Women Affairs; Kebbi State ministry of Women Affairs), Abubakar Sani Lolo (Community Representative), Barrister S.M Danyaro.
  • Adamawa State includes Mr. Bagarmi Zuwathauwama (Director, Extension Services, AADP), Joseph Jarium (Tropical Agriculture Consultant), Dogara Paul Musa (Assistant Director public health State Ministry of Health & Human Resources).

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