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The Focus was on the Kebbi State Seasonal Rainfall Pattern and Prediction for 2020 by NiMET, joining the Radio team this week is the Director Extension Services, KARDA, Nasiru Abdullahi.


The Livelihood Program Officer, Mr. Enoch Bamaiyi noted the significance of the knowledge about the rainfall pattern and urged the farmers/listeners not to underestimate this information as these predictions can help the farmers make better decisions and also serves as a guide on how to plan this year’s Wet (farming) season.

The Director Extension Services, KARDA, Mal. Nasiru Abdullahi having informed the listeners that the 2020 Rainfall Prediction for Kebbi State will be NORMAL as the rains will come as expected and the cessation of rain will be Normal, with Ngaski, Yauri and Danko-Wasagu LGAs experiencing early rains that the other LGAs while Augie, Arewa-Dandi (Northern Region) and Argungu LGAs will experience early cessation of rain before the other LGAs due to its extremity from Southern Kebbi.

Mal. Nasiru Abdullahi advised Farmers to seek knowledge on which seed best suits the season in-order to avoid loss due to poor harvest or late harvest. He also disclosed that farmers can get quality seeds from the Agricultural Research Institute, Zaria and KARDA works closely with this institution to assist Kebbi State Farmers with regards to seed procurement as these seeds will produce best result.

Also, the LPO, Mr. Enoch Bamaiyi called on Farmers living around the riverbanks to prepare for floods as the 2020 predictions shows prospects of flooding due to increased rain and water volume of rivers as these unchecked can wash away their farms. In his closing remarks, he implores all to adhere to the NCDC guidelines on preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

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While on  Dandalin Manoma Community Radio Program Adamawa State.. 91.1 FM Gotel Radio. Still on the global pandemic, Emerging Issues on COVID-19 By Dr Stephen John Director Incident Management Adamawa State Ministry of Health together with Dr Daam Clement Team Lead Rapid Response Team NCDC- Abuja.

The discussants reiterated that everybody is aware of this disease COVID-19′ and peoples’ knowledge and awareness of the disease is on the increase, but it has recently been discovered that another symptom from the experience of a health personnel who was healed and discharged was found to be dryness of throat.

They also made it clear that, people should stop discriminating against those discharged from the isolation and treatment centers. As it is a common phenomenon that once someone is known for a disease, people tend to run away from them. Once discharged, it means such person is free from the disease and nobody can be infected through same person.

Adamawa State has no recorded death case from COVID-19 especially those held in isolation. The state task force has made it clear that, if a person knows that he or she had visited a place where is a positive case of COVID-19 or has come in contact with persons having the disease, such information should be relayed to the doctors. If not, doctors will make do with a simple malaria test which is a poor diagnostic approach.

They also made it known that in case of emergency, there is a rapid response team with 8 pillars for screening, PPE, testing, treatment etc. People should not hide the disease, even at night, they are there to come to your aid. They are always on alert just like military. They can be reached through 09044235334, 08115850085, 07010408293, and 08031230359 and also that those in self isolation centers should be communicating with doctors every day within the fourteen days for confirmation of their state of health and to be sure they are free from the disease, there is no medicine for this virus yet, but authorities are working hard to discover one that works, even from those purported to have been curing the disease from other countries like Madagascar and these will have to undergo clinical testing.

As for palliatives, government cannot reach everybody, people should be patient and adhere to the rules of using face mask, hand sanitizers, regular washing of hands, keeping 2 meters distancing to stop the spread of the disease.  They thank the security agents for their effort to stop inter border crossings in Adamawa State and the Country at large.

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