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This week on PROACT TA KE KIRA, Kebbi State.

The Topic focus on is COVID-19 and the new symptoms for easy detection as raised by the National center for Disease control NCDC.
the guests are the Director, National Orientation Agency, represented by Malam Nasir Karofi and Malam Abdulrahman Manga from Kebbi State Civil Society Organization.

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Being invited for the second time, on PROACT TA KE KIRA; the community radio outreach via 92.9 VISION FM, the Director, NOA disclosed his pleasure as PROACT is working round the clock to ensure timely dissemination of the grave dangers COVID-19 presents if left unattended to, as it affects both the health status and Economic capacities of the people.

He further informed the people, “Not every carrier of the Virus shows the symptoms as the human immune system differs and hence they as asymptomatic while others are not”.

Malam Abdulrahman Manga; a member of the Kebbi State Civil Society Organization, explained the roles of the CSOs in the State are playing as there are about forty (40) independent groups who are working collectively to fight the disease to a stand-still as the Government cannot fight this pandemic alone and also invited the people to play their part as adhering to the guidelines set aside.

Malam Nasir Karofi of NOA appealed to the general public to maintain decorum on issues relating to COVID-19 as the introduction and spread of false information can cause more harm than the virus. Notwithstanding, he also informed the listeners that the numerous deaths experienced in the North West; especially in Kano, Zamfara and even Sokoto are in some way related to COVID-19 as stated by the Presidential Task Force (PTF).

Sheik Ibrahim Jega, a listener called in to express his displeasure over the lackadaisical behavior of government towards fighting the corona virus. Malam Jega said the rate of influx into the state is quite alarming and if the government fails to take action, a ticking time bomb will go off. Also, Malam Ibrahim Garba said it’s high time  government of Kebbi closes it borders so as to prevent the spread of this disease.


And also this week on PROACT Dandalin Manoma FM and AM Gotel Adamawa State..

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The topic discussed was Pre-Rain Feed Faming Activities in the face of COVID-19 Pandemic By:  Director, Extension Services Adamawa State ADP, Mr. Bagarmi Zuwathauwama.

Due to the enormous changes brought by the pandemic in the manner of how businesses are being carried out, there is a need for farmers to change their mode of approach to business as the novel virus is obviously affecting food supply chains and hence need to be cautious and focus on Pre Rain-Feed Farming Activities.

Pre Rain-Fed Activities includes;

  • Planning:
    • what to produce (crop/variety), where to produce, How to produce, where to buy Agro-Chemicals (Herbicides), where to store (Drying materials, bags etc), where to sell ( market),etc.
  • Understand the history of the land to be used:, i.e. the Flora present, infections/invasion by parasites like Striga, fungus, pest (stemborer, fall worms etc), termites, type of rotations, the fertility content of the land, the topography, accessibility( road)  to the farm and its size
  • Land preparation, this includes ploughing, harrowing, ridging, tillage.
  • Labor
  • Capital

The discussant called the attention of the farmers in the state to follow NCDC guidelines by maintaining personal hygiene, making use of hand sanitizers, maintaining social distancing, use of soap and water to wash hands and tools and also to avoid borrowing farm implement and tools and finally avoid contact or group work by maintaining social distance.

Mr. Bagarmi ended the program by pleading to government to provide palliatives to farmers such as cash, farm inputs, seeds, mask and hand gloves in preparation for the planting season coming up soon.


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