PROACT: I can now support my household


Life was a bit difficult for her and her household before the intervention of the project. She also has to source for threshing in people farms and being paid before I can take care of certain needs in her household. She sometime have to lend money from neighbors and her son add up to the money in other for her  to purchase groundnut that she can process into cake sell to earn money.



Now a lot of things has changed she no longer struggle to take care of her family need. The project intervention has contributed positively and has cause change in her household, being a member of the VSLA and the saving has being a source of increase in household income and also can now purchase bags of groundnut and process each day into groundnut cake and the returned of my investment can be use to take care of the health and any other family related issues.

The VSLA and intervention has impact to her life as now she is more supportive to her husband and the family by taking some major responsibility in her house. Her husband can sees her as an icon that any can learn from.


She encourage the PROACT project, to look for a way to empower more women by either providing bags of groundnut or other grains that they can process into food, cake, etc in other to improved their livelihood. She said if a woman is empowered the community, society, and nation can be successful.

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