PROACT: I have enough food and still save for other day


Mallam Musa is a farmer living in ungwar madi with wife’s and children he is feeding from the product he cultivate from the farm. Life has not being easy with the normal of his family to get enough food to eat come to think of a well nutritional food to eat. He farms with the knowledge he got from his father to get a source of income to take care of his family needs. Some times during harvesting he does harvest 10 sheaves (dami) which when process can be 2 to 3 bags.


With the coming of the PROACT PROJECT things has turn around, he said as if the project came to change his life. He joins the VSLA group and also the lead farmer’s school. In this school he learned about the modern farming system which in turn made ways for better yields because he apply what he learnt from the school. Now he can burst in increase in his foods as he can feed his family with three square meals and also save for other day which before it was difficult for him. Apart from increase in food, he also has better knowledge on balance diet which is applying it to his home. He appreciate the PROACT for changing his life and that of his family


With this achievement he pleads with organization to do more in other to benefit the life of their people in the rural area, and in his own part he will try and extend the knowledge to others. Thank you PROACT.

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