The PROACT Radio Program is a community radio program, designed to disseminate vital information about the project and her components, as an avenue for the people to engage the government and as a channel of  passage of Agricultural information that helps prepares the people(rural smallholder farmers) for possible changes that can either affect their outputs/ harvest (positively or negatively).

Furthermore, the program has been able to connect various stakeholders in the states of implementation as the locals are constantly engaging various stakeholders using the various topics of discussion as presented by the program team.

These programs are held weekly in;

  • Adamawa State PROACT Dandalin Manoma on 91.7 GOTEL FM and AM, every Wednesdays 4:00pm to 5:00pm and rebroadcast on Friday 4:00 to 5:00 and also in
  • Kebbi State PROACT Ta Ke Kira on 92.9 Vision FM, every Tuesdays by 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

These radio sessions has brought relevant and timely information to the Government, civil society groups, the community partners and even the remote small holder farmers in  the state as it has caused a developmental ripple effect across all board as there are significant changes in the attitude of the people towards governance and agri-related issues as they(the listeners) continue to tune into the dials.

This week on PROACT Ta Ke Kira Kebbi State Community Radio Program,

kebbi radio 1

The Role of  Civil Society Organisation and the National Orientation Agency in fighting the Novel virus.

The guests featured on the program includes the Chairman, Kebbi State Civil Society Organisation, Alhaji Ibrahim Ngaski and the Representative of the State Director NOA, Malam Nasir Karofi.

The Chairman, Kebbi State Civil Society Organization, Alhaji Ibrahim Ngaski, , explained what COVID-19 means and how it can be prevented. He further explains the various methods undertaken by the civil society groups in sensitizing the locals on the prevalence of the virus. In addition, he reiterates that the sensitization was done round all 21 Local Government Areas in Kebbi state while nose masks, hand sanitizers and soaps were distributed by some organizations.

The Representative of the State Director, National Orientation Agency, Malam Nasir Karofi, thanks PROACT for creating a platform for the timely dissemination of valuable information essential for growth.

He also stated that the organization has reach in all 21 LGAs of Kebbi state and has continued to educated the general public on  various  issues of national interest especially the coronavirus pandemic and advised all to adhere to the guidelines provided by NCDC.

The listeners contributed by calling into the program, insisting that the Government ensures strict monitoring of the state’s borders in order to control movement into the state.

Stay tuned on PROACT TE KE KIRA

Also On PROACT Dandalin Manoma   Adamawa State community Radio program,

The focus was on COVID-19 stigma, rumor mitigation and the  containment strategy led by the Assistant Director, Public Health, Adamawa State Ministry of Health and Human Resources, Mr. Dogara Paul.

adamawa radio

The session began with an appeal to the people to shun rumors as rumor peddling is inevitable amongst people and such information shared can be false, hence requested that all information should be verified via the right channels as the Government has provided platforms for the dissemination of information.

He listed rumor as one of the reasons why some people still doubt the existence of COVID-19 in Nigeria, even in the State.

Mr. Dogara further implore the good citizens of the state to fight against those stigmatizing individuals suspected to be carriers of the virus who were tested and declared negative by the National Center for Disease Control, hence people should not stigmatized them as the impact can be demoralizing.

The containment strategy includes; stay at home , use of nose mask when going out as it helps prevent the inhalation of droplets. He also mentioned that nose mask must not necessarily be the hospital type, even locally produced ones can make do if is well sewn by doubling the fabric used.

He further explained that the wearing of a nose mask is compulsory especially if one is feeling unwell as the virus spread through droplets.

He also informed the people  how to handle the mask; by not touching it with the bear-hands or pulling it down while conversing with people as this can put you at risk of contracting the virus.

The program ended by receiving calls from the listeners asking questions and appreciating the program.

Stay tuned till next week

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