One of the biggest trouble of community members is ability to save their income and it gets even worse having access to formal financial institutions that is why a lot of Nigerians are considered financially excluded. This situation was addressed by introduction of Village Saving and Loans Association where people can save, take loans and share at the end of the year. PROACT is committed to riding the world of free poverty to her community partners with over 48,000 Households with livelihood interventions in Adamawa and Kebbi State are capable of building a livelihood without poverty on their own. The following are testaments of PROACT Good will:


Akwai Allah banga VSLA GROUP

Raising capital to start business in rural communities is an impossible task for most residents. The introduction of Village Savings and Loans by PROACT project provided easy and convenient access to members of Akwai Allah Banga Group in Song LGA of Adamawa State where 10 group members were able to start new businesses ranging from provision shops, hair dressing and frying of beans cake for breakfast. At the end of their annual share-out, they were able raise NGN 805,400 with each of them going home with an average of NGN 20,000 which they also added to the capital of the businesses. Some of them used the money to improve their feeding and other household expenses. They appreciated EU, Oxfam and the implementing Partners   for supporting them to become more financially more independent.



Mal. Dauda MuAllahyidi Fufore LGA

Mal. Dauda MuAllahyidi is one of the trained Village Agents whose primary responsibility is to create Village savings and Loan Associations across the communities where the project could not reach and they can also sustain the formation of groups even after the project has rounded up. So far, he has formed a total of 10 groups in Mbilla community of Fufore LGA Adamawa State. As a Village Agent, he was given a bicycle which helps him to visit his groups as well as go to farm and other places at will. When his daughter was about to marry, he was able to raise N20,000 from his village savings to buy wedding bed and prepare the girl for the wedding. He was also able to get N16,000 at the end of their circle share out which he used to pay for his children’s school fees and invested the rest in his farming activities. His biggest relief was ability to raise money from the savings groups without strangers knowing his financial difficulties. He pleaded the project to be extended to other locations so that they can benefit from the intervention.

Fadi song bolki

In Bolki community of Song local government Area Adamawa State, Fadi Yusuf, shes 25 years old and married with 2 kids. She was a full time housewife but after participating in Income Generating Activity training by PROACT project, she was able to start selling cooking ingredients for other housewives. With the increased demand she raised NGN 110,000 from the group’s share-out to purchase a grinding machine which also generates about NGN 500 daily income for her household use. She remains grateful to the PROACT project.

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