PROACT has continued to create not just awareness around Agriculture and civic responsibilities but has created pools of wealth for her beneficiaries through best knowledge transfer practices that has constantly enabled the project to deliver on her goals while ensuring a more dynamic and robust system of support for the locals when she exits. The following are striking testaments of the goodwill of PROACT;

  • Strengthen for More

Mrs. Grace John, who hails from Mubi South, has constantly struggled from the low productivity of her farmland owing to the lack of knowledge on fertilizers and its application as her output per growing season is usually 10 bags of groundnut and 3 bags of beans.

Mrs. Grace John working with her sewing machine

She experienced huge changes in her business when she became a member of a Village savings and loan group in her community as she was involved in the income generating activity where she learnt a skill, i.e. the processing of beans into bean cakes, which generates an average sales of NGN700 which has a profit of NGN200 daily. During her groups’ share out, she got NGN48,000, which was plowed into her farm alongside the fertilizer she got, which was distributed in her group.

At harvest, she got 16 bags of groundnut and 6 bags of beans, this singular act made her a proud ambassador of PROACT in her community, 2 bags of each her produce was sold and used to buy a sewing machine valued at NGN41,000. furthermore, she has added a sewing business to her string of income generating activities and is now able to support her household which has earned her more respect in her household. She is forever grateful to PROACT for empowering her with essential skills and knowledge.

  • Rural Financial Inclusion a plus

Today’s Nigeria is filled with a lot of rural people who don’t have access to credit and loans but in Adamawa state, where PROACT exists, it’s a different story as Mrs. Janet Ayuba, a beneficiary testifies.

Mrs. Janet Ayuba standing beside her house

She hails from Gelia community in Mubi South of Adamawa state, where she is a member of a PROACT savings group where she borrows money from her group to finance her business, as she sells and processes groundnut into groundnut oil and cake. Being aware of the importance of savings and re-pooling the accrued into a business, she invested the sum of NGN 57,000 gotten from her groups’ share-out in renting a bigger farmland with the plowing activities needed for the field, which increased their produce from 4 bags and 2 bags of groundnuts and beans respectively to 10 bags of groundnut and 12 bags of beans.

She has been able to support her family with the more profits gained from her business alongside constructing a two-bedroom apartment where the family now stays. All thanks to EU, Oxfam and the implementing Partners.

  • Farmers Training Field School, A Proven Concept

The gap between the Classrooms and the field in recent times has caught the attention of the Nigerian Government as she seeks to been proficient in Agriculture. The PROACT Farmers Training Field School has helped bridged the gap with the creation of lead farmers as an informal system of extension agents in hard to reach rural farming communities in Northern Nigeria.

Mr. Pwagirti Atiku, a beneficiary attests to the importance of Good Agricultural Practices and fertilizer application knowledge transferred to him as a member of the FTFS in his community.

Mr. Pwagirti AtikuThese knowledge has enabled him to increase his harvest from 5 bags of maize to 25 bags of maize while enabling him to keep a small herd of animals as an additional source of income to his family as they can now afford to take care of his family even during the lean season.

Also, Mr. Nexson,an indigene of Dirma community in Song LGA of Adamawa State, who usually encounters food shortage during the lean period despite harvesting 20 bags of maize and 7 bags of beans annually, benefitted from the Farmers Training Field School, where he learnt about the Good Agricultural Practices  and applied these knowledge, hereby ensuring a stable supply of Food produce for his family while engaging in animal fattening as this will create an additional stream of income.Mr. Nexson with one of his animals

Pro resilience action – European Union Support To Food Security and Resilience in Northern Nigeria

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