EU Pro Resilient Action (PROACT)  is fast becoming a household name in her communities of intervention as she continues to improve the food security, nutrition and resilience of vulnerable groups in Adamawa and Kebbi  states of northern Nigeria, thus causing vulnerable small holder farmers to experience resilience and improvement in their quality of life. This tremendous changes were facilitated by little changes, training and advocacy happening just one at a time ensuring transfers and consolidation of these knowledge transferred to take root , below are the fruits of these interactions;



Gumnama VSLA donates packs of Chalk

One in every five of the world’s out of school children is in Nigeria with the north-western states having 47.3% of Female children attending the primary school education meaning more than 50% of Female children are out of school( Gumnama Village savings and Loans group found out that lack of teaching material also contributed to the increasing rate of children out of school despite the free basic education implemented by the federal Government of Nigeria, hence donated packs of chalks to both Purakayo 1 Primary school and Windibiziri Academy, all in Purakayo/Lakumna community of Guyuk LGA in Adamawa state.

The heads of these schools appreciated this timely gesture by Gumnama VSLA group and also the European Union, Oxfam and CRUDAN for ensuring their community was captured by the Project. This act is as a result of the project’s continuous engagement in ensuring the realization of their civic rights and responsibilities.


  • Reliable Market Systems

Access to quality weather and market information can help determine the quality of produce harvested from the farm while ensure maximum returns for the farmers. The Farmers Training Field School alongside the village savings and loans Associations has helped created a timely dissemination of market and weather information that has help transformed the decision making of these farming communities.


Mal. Sani Umaru and the Market Information Board

Mal.  Sani Umaru (M,36 yrs), from Njangjere/Mbwewere Community Fufore LGA in Adamawa state, attests to the huge impacts of the Market and Weather information had on his business as he recalls the various experiences of the farmers in his community before the advent of the Project of losing some amount of money due to the knowledge deficit of understanding how their markets works with respect to their produce. He further appreciates the EU, Oxfam and their implanting partners on bringing this information board to their communities as farmers now come daily to understand the market dynamics before taking their produce to the markets for sale.

Pro Resilience Action – European Union Support To Food Security and Resilience in Northern Nigeria

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