andutsi Community located in Jega LGA Kebbi state, had never thought in their wildest Imagination that it will be possible for them to interface with government in a bid to request a community Development project. For Decade they are used to taking their community social demands to the councilor which after their submission, their request will not see the light of the day. “Budget planning that was formally done with District head and village heads in attendance suddenly stopped” he said. We were completely cut-off from the affairs of budget development. We continue life in that pattern which we almost have accepted to be the norm.

When PROACT project entered into this community we taught their scope was just livelihood programs and program on helping farmers in achieving increase in farm yield. But contrary to our taught, we were taught on how we can productively engage the government in achieving our community development projects. After we were trained and our understanding about governance was enlighten.

“We came and established a community development committee and ward development committee. We went ahead to register these committees with the government. Through this community the successes achieved has been tremendously amazing as road with drainage of about 5km has been constructed by the government of Kebbi state within the community. Now the community through the effort of the committee can boast of achieving a road and drainage construction within the community, the community have been able to cater for supply of electricity to the community health centers own their through their local resources and now, an approval by the state government for the rehabilitation of the community primary and secondary school which included in the 2020 budget that has presently been tempered with by the ravaging COVID 19.

We have now learnt how to engage the government at different levels we will use the knowledge that is our power and the development committee as an effective tool to ensure henceforth that we get all that we are entitle to by the budget from the Government”.

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