3500 Bags of Fertilizers

Community partners will be supported with fertilizers to grow farm products.

700 Grains/Cereal Banks

Food storage is a major challenge to local Farmers. This project will help community partners build Grain/Cereal Banks to enable food availability throughout the year.


The the livestock support programme, various household will be trained on rearing livestock. The project will also provide animals for rearing.

1,400 village Savings and Loans

Access to loan is almost zero for local farmers and community partners. This programme will facilitate multiple saving groups that will provide easy loan for participants.

175,000KG Seeds

Seeds is the primary origin of farm products. The programme will facilitate seeds for farmers to enable them grow more farm products.

Water for Irrigation

Lack of water affects some local communities and farmers in providing quality product. This programme will support farmers and local communities with access to adequate water for farming.

Policy Brokerage

Policies give directions to community and people. The programme will facilitate various policies that will ensure food security and resilience.

Gender Equality

The programme will ensure everyone is catered for. No gender parity will be considered in providing support and access to products.

Households Cash transfer and Cash for work

Petty cash goes a long way to support and upgrade community partners.

500,000 Trees

Our atmosphere is contaminated and there is a need to revamp ecosystem. Trees are falling daily without replacement, this programme will facilitate 500,000 tress to the communities.

70 Farm Field Schools

Training and retraining is a sin qua non to success. The programme will facilitate training of farmers.

Linkage with Nutrition Actors

The programme will facilitates efficiency of Nutrition actions in local communities.

Access to Market

The programme will connect farmers with end users to give them value for products.

This action will develop opportunities for smallholder farmers to influence policy forums at LGA and State levels. This will create transparency in the agricultural governance and facilitate positive decisions and implementation of policies that favour poor farmers. The enabling environment will allow key stakeholders, including the private sector, to participate and play an innovative role

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