Things turn around after benefiting from PROACT Project


Asebe has being married with Mallam Garba for years during this time she had 4 children for him. Life has not being easy for her and her family most especially when it come to the issue of nutrition. Because of the hardship  Asebe  and her family feed on maize and millet always this makes the family not able to get the necessary nutrition for proper growth and their children, for them to get full meal per day is a problem sometimes they eat two time a day. The husband has to go work every day to get food and anything is got is what they will eat. That made life very difficult for her and her family.


Things turn around as the project came to their community; she was able to join the VSLA group and things started to become normal. When the food demonstration took place she was among those that attended the training, with the little knowledge she got during the training she impacted it in family, they now eat balance diet food but not as that of those in the city but with the little thing they found around them such as fruit, rice, bean soya bean etc. they have all this that they can eat and even have more food to give out most especially to almajiri but because of lack of money and knowledge that she don’t have before made her to suffer allot. Furthermore she also learns about personal hygiene. Thanks allot for the impact the project has done to me and my family as you can see am looking fresh. (ASEBE).


She further said that the project should do more in enlightenment on food demonstration not only for the women in VSLA but also to the community women to enjoy the same benefit they are enjoying

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