With my savings, I purchase Spaghetti local Machine

Satura Bawa Is my name I am marred to Bawa Adamu was making ground cake {Kuli kuli}, frying of groundnut, sewing cloths, with the small amount of income coming in from the business. With the little income I take care of my household especial with the foodstuff and my relations, with the project coming in I benefited from it especial the {VSLA} with the saving I was able to help my life and my family. With the saving I did I was able to get a spaghetti local machine that I do to produce spaghetti that my children sell in the market square, and with the income generating activity (IGA) training I also learn a lot and my household and I never sleep with no food  in the house that we will feed on it. After the project I will keep on doing my business to support my family and that will sustain us

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