With my VSLA share out, I Started wrapper business

Malama Rukkaya is married to Mallam Danmasu with 3 children, Rukkiya have a hand work of making local relaxer this helps her to get little money which she use in supporting her husband in some of the house needs. Life was not easy for her but she wanted expanding her business but she has no capital. Furthermore to take care of the family as a house wife is a problem most especially personal hygiene.


Things turn around when the PROACT project came to our community; the VSLA group was introduced to us because I wanted to improve my business I enrolled to the group. Before the year rounds out for the share out I borrow money from the group which I use to support my business which I later paid. During the share out I got 48000 which I added to boost my business and I stared selling wrappers. Furthermore during the IGA training I also learnt how to make Vaseline, shampoo and carwash.  I engage in making of these products which I added to my business. With this achievement I have increase my value of shares and now things are easy for me because I now support my sick husband and the family at large. Thanks to PROACT for changing my life.


The project has taught her on how to be self independent I will continuity to teach other women so that they canbe self dependant. And the project should support other women to start up a business.

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