With Unconditional Cash Transfer, I Finally Started a business.

uni Yanusa from Jadadi community Jega L.G.A is married with four (4) children. My husband is a business man that does not stay at home. During the time he is absent we suffer a lot with my children because sometimes we go to bed with eating. This is how life has been hard for us. It is hard for them to get food all through the year I have to go to relative some times to get food for my family to eat. To eat three square meals is always a problem because her husband is poor family and he doesn’t have support from his people. Until the PROACT project came into Jadadi. I reluctantly and took the risk since I don’t have to eat not to talk more saving. I was making effort to save when I was nominated from by my VSLA group to go for an income generating activity (IGA) training in Alelu community organized by the PROACT project. I went to the training and we were taught how make several items like liquid soap, body cream, antiseptic hair wash etc. I came back home decided to take two out of all the various IGA to venture into, these were body cream and liquid soap. I as at the third disbursement of the Unconditional cash transfer which I was given three thousand five hundred naira (N 3, 500), I then contacted one of the field officer who help me in where and how to purchase the ingredient for both liquid some and body cream, even though it was in little quantity. I finally started a business that is now helping to generate fund that I can now save during my weekly VSLA saving and even have more to chatter for some family needs until my husband will send money for the family upkeep. My husband is surprise the pressure on him from me has reduced and the he asked and I told him of the tremendous impact of the project in our family. Now I make an average of two thousand naira (N2, 000) as income in one week that’s excluding the cost of production of two thousand naira, another (N2, 000) is realized as profit.


I intend to increase my production quantity and expand my scope of supply to other neighboring community, so I can realize more income and that will translate into financial and food security for me and my husband. I will only dwell on this two (2) IGA because these are items that’s are easily patronized in and around our community


Another VSLA Success Story

hassanaMy name is Hassana Yahaya Haliru, I was into netting before the project came up, working with the community. I do help my husband but not always. But when the project came up and show us how to save that is the (VSLA) I do collect my share when it time and help my husband without him knowing and with the saving am doing I open a bank account to save and use the money when need. When the project came we were taught on how to do liquid soap, Vaseline and with that I sell and get more income to the family because now my husband will just see that I do something for the family and he praise this project for putting more knowledge to his wife. When the project has come to an end the only way to sustain me and my family is by doing Vaseline, liquid soap, shampoo. In which I can be able to chatter for my family. Furthermore, with the project has helped me and I was able to buy a goat for myself. Seriously the project really helps me and my family, may God bless PROACT

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